Mosquito Net in Bangalore


Mosquitoes are a big problem in many cities and villages. Particularly during monsoon ignoring mosquito problem can result in more severe problems like dengue. We have invented dozens of methods to fight with mosquitoes over time, Mosquito nets is a best option to fight against mosquitos. mosquito net in Bangalore is provided by Us.

Why should you Install Mosquito Nets in your Home?


Disadvantages of other Mosquito control methods:
1) Repellent Creams: You can use this but you need to visit a dermatologist before using since you are going to apply on your skin.
2) Mosquito Bats: You can’t keep running all the time with rackets after the blood sucking mosquitoes.

Advantages of Mosquito Net Installation:
1) 100% safety products
2) Free from Chemicals and easy to fix
3) It is not allergic to skin.
4) Keeps the mosquito away from your home.
5) You can relax and no need to run around.
6) The pricing is within your budget.
7) Wide range of products is available so it suits any type of doors and windows.
8) long life, because mosquito net easily gives 3-5 years life.


Types of mosquito net in Bangalore :


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Velcro mosquito nets are also known as sticker type mosquito nets. These type of mosquito nets are very durable and can be operated easily because Fiberglass mesh is used in Velcro type mosquito nets. Velcro type mosquito nets can be installed in wooden windows, aluminium windows and UPVC windows.

The Sonu mosquito nets offers environment friendly & absolute safe solution for you & your family from mosquitoes and insect screens in Bangalore. We are well known fabrications, all types of mosquito nets. Our netlon product is easy to wash & use. We can carry the netlon material anywhere while shifting to new home.

Velcro tape length: About 550cm – 100% brand new and high quality Self-adhesive DIY Anti-mosquito fly screen Window Screen Mesh Net. – Easy to install and remove. – Can be mounted on your door or window. – Allow fresh air in while keeping out flies, wasps, bees and mosquitoes.



Spring loaded vertical screen for windows, sun slits, narrow kitchen windows. Retrieves 100% natural light and fresh air. Washable and easy to maintain.

These mosquito net is nothing but same mechanism as like the roller shutter systems. So Strong panels will be screwed to hold the mesh on left and right side of the window net. A round pipe will be cut to the size of window width and the mesh will be rolled in it and fixed tightly with spring systems and finally inserted into a round alloy panel.

This will be fixed as the top panel of the windows. High Quality Fibre-Glass is the only material can be used in this roller-shutter design. This model can be fixed either to the wooden window as well on the Aluminium / UPVC window.



Sliding Mosquito nets are essentially aluminium sliding windows with a mosquito net. These are retractable screens that can be employed as mosquito screen doors in order to prevent insects from entering the house or office.

The retractable Aluminium two track sliding systems is double cassette doors and Balconies. We use an exclusive bottom rolling wheel system for the smooth functioning of sliding screen doors and windows.

Excellent visibility very sturdy in construction combined with best design makes our sliding systems a truly so wonderful product for windows, doors, balconies. that come with wider openings to allow sunlight and fresh air to pass but meshed closely enough to keep insects.



This mosquito net will look as same as like the window door, because where the wooden door of the window will be opened outside from the wooden frame & our product will be opened inside. It is made up of first quality channel bars, which has been power-coated.

The fibre ‘L’ like corners will be used for joining the channel bars in all four side corners. After bar has been made, the mesh will be cut as per the size and ribbed on all the four sides of the frame with a rubber spine, which will hold the mesh hardly.

The unbreakable fibre hinges will be used for fixing the bar net on the window frame & the stoppers be used to lock the frame around the corners according to the necessity. Get quality insect meshes from royal fabrics on best prices. In this material, the fibre-glass or the SS can be placed according to the customers’ requirement.

Sonu home furnishings is the leading Certified Mosquito net Service provider located in Koramangala, Bangalore. Since 2015, we have been in this industry. We do insect screen fixing services for Flats, Offices, Commercial places, Hospitals, Hostels, Hotels, Orphanages, Colleges, Resorts, Bungalow, Industries, IT Companies etc.,

We have a wide range of mosquito nets for window. It’s really easy to wash & maintain. Obtain high quality mosquito mesh fixing services from the leading Mosquito net dealers in Bangalore. Our service & Quality products suits your budget. We have accomplished many projects in and out of Bangalore.


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